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About Us

CTC started as a stand-alone store in Kings Cross called “Nick’s Tobacconist” opened by Nick Georgas in 1957. 

The family went on to open several stores throughout Sydney where Nick’s son George grew up working behind the counters of tobacconists with his first job working at the family’s Centrepoint store on Saturdays at the age of 9.

Over the years Nick’s Tobacconist was transformed into the franchise CTC, with over 40 stores opened by 2003.

Where We are Now

Since then, CTC has transformed and grown into NSW’s largest franchise of tobacconists, and a key player in the tobacconist industry in Australia with over 180 stores and growing.

Stemming from our humble beginnings, family business is engrained into our values, and we nurture and support our stores to grow into successful businesses of their own.

We understand the needs and pressure a small family business brings as we are retailers ourselves.

Our members are the face of the CTC brand and through a united passion we strive to realise the full business potential of each store. 

At CTC we pride ourselves on our store concept, retail appearance and a friendly customer service environment. 

Attributes that make CTC the preferred choice for customers, leasing agents and key suppliers alike.


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